Frequently Asked Questions

WeConnect Care ADLD Plan is Total Damage Protection plan for your smartphones and Tablet. Under this All Risk Accident, Liquid & Screen Damage Protection plan is covered by ICICI Lombard and covers all the physical defects, liquid damage & malfunctions due to accident. We provide coverage for Screen, Back glass Body, Camera and Electronics with unlimited repairs and at no extra charges at the time of claim. This plan supports unlimited repairs not just 1 or 2 times claims.

it's important to get smartphone & tablets covered because they are prone to damage and are expensive to repair. You are exposed to various risks related to quality of service, genuine spare parts, multiple repair costs, uncertainty of labour costs, parts costs and other evils of unauthorised repairs. With WeConnect Care ADLD Plans, you get an assurance of Quality & Committed Services by Expert authorised and verified technicians, Genuine spare parts and most importantly all these at fixed price of WeConnect Care ADLD Plan for one year. The cost is all inclusive of labour and spares with no hidden charges. When you buy WeConnect ADLD Plan you get a peace of mind and assurance of smooth working of your appliance. If we cannot repair, we shall provide equivalent replacement of the product or reimbursement of FULL amount of the product without any deduction.

We support over 40+ brands and keep updating new brand as and when it is launched.

If your product brand is not there in the list, then write to us on wecare@citizencenter.co.in or call us on 022-251703377/88, we shall explore possibility of covering the brand and revert back to you. This will also help us to include newer brands under our services.

Devices must be manufactured in India or legally imported in India & sold through official channels.

Device must have been purchased within 30 days of buying of WeConnect Care ADLD Plan

Devices must be full working and not prior damaged.

This plan is not applicable for refurbished products

Device must be in use for personal usage.

Ideally, it must be purchased at the time of buying the product WeConnect Care ADLD Plan must be bought within 30 days of purchase of product.

WeConnect Care ADLD Plan coverage starts immediately upon activation of ADLD plan and it is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Once you have an activated ADLD Plan purchased, we will take care of everything related to service under the contract. You need not have to do worry for anything.

No, unfortunately ADLD Plan is meant for only one year.

You can raise the service request 24x7 with a single click on We Care App or thru email or here. The service request process flow is also mentioned on inside back cover of this booklet for easy reference.

You can opt for fully cashless process or reimbursement process. In cashless process, just raise a service request/ claim and we shall take care of everything. It is fully hassle-free and time saving.
We shall,
1.organise to pick up the device from your doorstep

2.get it repaired at authorised service center and

3.delivered back working device back to you.

You can track the service request on app or website or by calling our helpdesk on 9619577331.

In reimbursement process, you need to follow the process as mentioned below;

1.Take the damaged device to nearest authorised service center

2.Get repair service estimate and send to us for approval

3.We approve the estimate within 24 hours

4.Get the device repaired and

5.Send invoice & job sheet to us for reimbursement

6.We shall make payment to you

Your device will be formatted during the repair process. Always take regular backup of your data, so it can be restored once the device is repaired. If device is operational, please take the latest backup before handing over the device for repair.

You can check status of your claim thru WeCare App or on our website or by calling at 1800-890-1668

Generally, device gets repaired in 8 to 10 days and it is returned within 10 to 15 days. Maximum resolution time window is 30 days.

In an unfortunate scenario, if your device is not repairable, we shall provide equivalent replacement or money reimbursed back to you. The money reimbursed will be subjected depreciation as follows;

Months For Total Loss Cases Only
0 to 3 15%
3 to 6 25%
6 to 12 50%

Once replacement is given, all our obligations under this contract will be deemed fulfilled and there will no longer be any coverage under WeConnect Care ADLD Plan.

Unlimited repairs are truly unlimited service calls for the device provided the total cost of labour and spares does not exceed the purchase price of the device.

If you have bought WeConnect Care ADLD Plan online then you need to activate your ADLD Plan

1.You shall get the activation link on SMS/ Email

2.Fill your details and upload copy of your device purchase invoice, device photos and submit using the link or at www.weconnectcare.co.in/register or thru WeCare app.

3.We shall register your WeConnect Care ADLD Plan and send you the activated copy.

Should you find any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact thru mail wecare@citizencenter.co.in or call/ WhatsApp on 9619577331 or by calling on 022-25170377/88

Your device brand, model, serial no., invoice no. date, device photos and copy of purchase invoice of the device.

You always have purchase invoice handy when you have bought the product recently, also some invoices come on thermal papers which fade away over the period of time. If you upload the copy of invoice, you need not have to search for the same for servicing of the device.

We like to bring hassle free and 100% paperless service for your ease and hence we keep invoice in our system and do not ask from you at the time of servicing the device.

It is a very simple registration process, and it is a must to get plan activated. This is needed so the correct information is provided for insurance. We follow up with customers to get plan activated. In worst scenario, if we cannot get thru you and plans is not activated then we will not be able to provide services or process the claim if plan is not activated.

Do not worry and relax, once you activated the ADLD Plan, we have all the details of your device and WeConnect Care ADLD Plan. We do not need any information from your side. In fact, all the details are available to you on our WeCare app. We recommend you to download this app from Google Play Store and use it for handy information, service request, reminder and other offers.

You can avail the services, by informing your registered mobile number. We would like you to focus on your work and family, we will take care of your appliances and gadgets.

No worries, if you move from one location to another within city or state or within India. Just drop a mail or send a message or call on us and inform about your new coordinates.

Any problems or defects which are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Non-operating and cosmetic damage to the Product, such as damage to paintwork, Product finish, dents or scratches.

Accessories used in or with the Product including but not limited to remote, batteries, USB/HDMI cable and replacement of any consumable items or accessories.

Breakdowns caused by computer virus or realignments to Products, Backup and restoring of your data, debugging or reconfiguring computer software.

Cost of removal or re-installation of the Product.

Costs arising from incorrect installation, modification or maintenance

Use of batteries, charger and / or accessories not approved by the manufacturer, incorrect electrical leads or connection.

The complete list of exclusions can be found in the detailed Terms & Conditions of the contract.

No, WeConnect Care ADLD Plan is non-transferable.

WeConnect Care ADLD Plan does not cover refurbished products.

WeConnect Care promoters are in business for over 35 years and have enrich experience in servicing of IT & Electronics products. Moreover, each plan is underwritten by a leading Insurance company, so in very unlikely scenario of us not being in business, you shall get service or reimbursement of your invoice amount from insurance company. Each plan provides master policy number of an Insurance Company.