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TV technologies have come over a long way since the last decade with the advancement which TV technologies have brought up to the world in the form of CRT, LCD, OLED, and Plasma. It attracts customers more and more to spend their money on TV sets which are build up with one of these technologies. But even then customers who spent their money on these kinds of TV sets are still relying on one thing that how long their TV set will work.

The manufacturers of every electronic product give their customers a certain time period of warranty on any particular product like one year or two years. It is nowadays becoming important to extend the warranty of any electronic product you buy because most of the time you see that the product is working properly in its warranty period and just after the warranty period ends you may find that your most expensive TV or Mobile is not working properly. And that time you realize that you should have availed the extended warranty for TV or your respective electronic product.

What does an extended warranty for TV mean

Extended warranty means the additional warranty which can be availed by the customers for up to three years on the manufacturer’s warranty according to the category of the product. It is an easy way for any customer to secure their electronic product for a long period without spending a large amount on repairing it.

Some people also want to know is TV extended warranty worth

So, the answer from a large section of customers is No, they feel their product will not go bad and if it does the repairing not cost will not be that much. But you never know, one may have to pay more when the product goes bad and also repairing does not ensure it would not occur again and they may have to spend further more. It is just like people are covering their life with term life insurance these days, one should try to avail the opportunity of extending the warranty on their electronic products.

Features and Benefits of Warranty extension on TV

Additional Warranty - It gives an additional warranty for your TV that is an extended warranty to cover TV repair.
Cashless Repair - It is cashless repair which means you need not to pay any cash for repairing of your product.
No Depreciation Fee - It gives you the benefits of no depreciation fee as if the appliance is repaired at the cost which is less than the cost of replacement.
Free Pick Up and Drop - Some of the brands also gives free pick up and drop services

Check out about the coverages of extended warranty for TV

So, if you avail this advantage of extending your TV warranty then you will get the following things that would be covered under it.

1. It covers all defects which are covered under manufacturer’s warranty

2. Unlimited repairs

3. Genuine spares replacement

4. Certified technicians

5. If we cannot repair, we shall replace or reimburse the value as applicable.

Normally extended warranty for a TV does cover every mechanical or electronic default which is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty but it does not cover the following costs and repairs.

Extended TV warranty does not cover any damage done because of mishandling of the product or any kind of natural disaster or any accidents. It also not covers those products which are damaged as a result of wrong maintenance or improper uses. Accessories also are not included in undercover plans unless it has been specified clearly in the agreement.

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Why Buy an Extended Warranty for TV?

It is advisable to buy an extended warranty for TV. We all are aware of the fact that manufacturers generally provide warranty for one year while TVs are being used for many years. When you buy an extended warranty for LED, it will extend the manufacturer’s warranty on your TV to make it last longer. You do not have to worry about uncertainty, unexpected costs and quality of spares. You can buy extended warranty services for additional two to three years for protecting your LED TV. An extended warranty for LED TV India is available for any brand you purchase. Services are provided onsite at your home. It covers all kinds of malfunctions and breakdowns which are covered under standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Why Choose Extended Warranty for TV/LED from WeConnectCare!

With WeConnectCare you will get reliable and authentic services under extended warranty plans for TV/LED in India. We provide extended warranty for LEDs all over India thru certified expert technicians. Our main priority is customer delight and that is our DNA. At WeConnectCare you will get the best services unlimited times at most competitive rates. We understand your priorities in life and would like you to take care of those and leave your TV’s smooth working to us. We make effective use of technology and activate warranty packs with all needed details. Thus making the services 100% paperless, cashless with just one click on mobile App. And what more, if your TV is unrepairable we shall provide free replacement or reimburse money.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQ

WeConnectCare is a warranty service pack which provides an extended warranty for TV/LED. You can get our best service packs available at minimum cost. We offer unlimited repairing along with genuine parts replacement. You can reach us with WeConnectCare Mobile App too.

Yes, of course, TV/LED extended warranties are worth it. As it covers all kinds of repairing for your damaged TV/LED as well as parts replacement. You never know unexpected things can happen anytime. So it is really worth to opt for extended warranty plans.

You should buy it at the time of purchase or within two months from the date of purchase.

We do take an Extended Warranty for TVs because it will protect our TV/LED with cashless repair with all labour and spare parts costs. You can raise the service request with just one call/ click and provide free home service.

No, WeConnectCare does not cover the cracked screens. For that, you will have to buy an accidental cover plan for your TV/LED which will give you this kind of coverage. It will help you if you experience this problem with your TV/LED.

All major brands of TVs are supported.