"Recommended AMC Plan for best protection of your Appliances"

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Annual Service Plan

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Key Benefits Of AMC For 10 Appliances

One Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

One single contract for your multiple appliances' comprhensive maintenance, covering service & spares costs

100% Cashless & Paperless

Fully cashless and paperless process for service delivery/ claim process.

Best Value for Money

Committed quality services with no uncertainities at most reasonable price

Unlimited Repairs

Multiple services with no restriction untill cost of services do not exceed the purchase price of an appliance

Authorised Repairs Centers

Repairs done thru brands authorised service centers for service quality, qualified technicians and original brand spares

Genuine Spare parts

Original spares replacement for longer life of appliances and avoid repeat failures

24x7x365 Service Request

Raise service request with one click thru our App or website or WhatsApp

Committed Resolution

Committed SLA based services and 100% resolution guaranteed thru repair or reimbursement.

  • ( All mechanical & electronics failures covered due to accident and liquid damage )
  • All defects covered which are covered under standard manufacturer's warranty
  • Electronics, mechanical breakdown other than normal wear & tear
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Service cost and spares cost

  • Any problems or defects not covered by manufacturer’s warranty
  • Computer software / Virus repair/ Backup & restore of data
  • Normal wear and tear & costmetic damage - scratches & dust
  • Removal or re-installation of the Product
  • Consumable items - Batteries, bulbs
  • Accessories – Remote controls, cables
  • Damage resulting from power outage, power surges or drips, fluctuating voltage
  • Abuse / Misuse / Accidental Damage
  • Unauthorized repairs
  • Fraudulent Activities
  • Commercial use

  • Devices must be sold in India through official channels, to be supported by purchase invoice
  • Devices must be in working condition, this will be verified thru inspection visit
  • Not exceeding 9 years lifespan for large appliances - Television, Airconditioner, Washing Machine, Refrigerator & 4 years for other appliances
  • Device brand should be among the brand list supported.
  • Devices must be in use at residence premises

Frequently Asked Questions

WeConnect Care Out of Warranty Plan is an annual comprehensive service contract for your multiple home appliances. WeConnect Care Premium Services cover all defects which are covered under standard manufacturer's warranty, Spare parts & services at no extra cost, 100% cashless and no hidden charge.

Manufacturers provide warranty on their products for a defined period of time, whereas product life span is much more than manufacturer’s warranty period. After warranty expiry, you are exposed to various risks related to quality of service, genuine spare parts, multiple repair costs, uncertainty of labour costs, parts costs and other evils of unauthorised repairs. With WeConnect Care OW Plans, you get an assurance of Quality & Committed Services by Expert authorised and verified technicians, Genuine spare parts and most importantly all these at fixed a price of WeConnect Care OW Plan for one year. The cost is all inclusive of labour and spares with no hidden charges. When you buy WeConnect OW Plan you get a peace of mind and assurance of smooth working of your appliance. If we cannot repair, we shall provide equivalent replacement of the product or reimbursement at depreciated value of the product. Depreciation is 10% per annum and it is applicable only in case of device not repairable. For normal services, there are no deductions.

We support over 400+ brands and keep updating new brand as and when it is launched.